Meet the teachers



Rita Thomas 

I began my yoga practice in 2010 and it opened up a new path in life for me. I began to feel better in body and mind, I became more objective and peaceful. The practice brought constant challenges resulting in growth and transformation to the whole- mind, body and spirit. What I learned on the mat also resonated off of the mat which led me to my 200 hr YTT in 2014 through FireDragon Yoga . I teach yang based vinyasa classes that are energetic and yin classes that offer calmness to balance the two energies.

                        Oscar Vera

Oscar’s Yoga instruction is rooted in his experience from being a Certified Massage Therapist in Mexico since 2000 focusing his practice in the Healing Arts ( Reiki, Crystaltherapy, Aromatherapy, Quantum touch, trigger points, reflexology, Chakras, etc.). Work in the Healing Arts lead him to the mystical path of Yoga. His interest in deepening that knowledge brought him to the 500 Teacher Training at Ananda Yoga from the Heart in 2009 and he became RYT-500 certified from Yoga Alliance in 2012. Oscar likes to teach Hatha Yoga to those recovering from injuries, and beginner or advanced students that like to go back to the roots of yoga. In his “Gentle Deep” alignment-oriented class you will find pranayama (breathing exercises), basic asanas (physical postures), aromatic essential oils, meditation, relaxing music and guidance in the intention of a Yoga practice.

Suzanne Nunziata

I started taking yoga classes in 2007. I knew early on that yoga would be a lifelong practice for me. As my practice deepened I discovered that what I experienced on the mat influenced me and enriched how I lived my life off the mat. I also came to appreciate the gifts of practicing in a community class. I was fortunate to be guided by many extraordinary teachers, which led me to complete a 200 hour teacher training at Jaya Yoga Studio.  Currently, I teach yoga at Kingsborough Community College Continuing Education Department and at Ommvibe.   In my classes, I deeply believe in connecting breath with movement, assisting students to find alignment in a pose (including using props) and encouraging them to honor their body within the practice. I have continued to refine my teaching skills by attending on going workshops and retreats.

Joan Ciscone

I’ve practiced Yoga for over 20 years and was truly inspired by one particular instructor to whom I greatly try to aspire to with deep affection. With the direction and support of a good friend, I decided to move forward and become an instructor.  

My “Classic” yoga class is a form of Hatha yoga which emphasizes detail, precision and alignment which aIds in the development of strength, mobility and stability. This helps ensure gradual progression moving from simple to more complex poses.


Noel Barrott

Noel has received his 200 hour certification from atmanada yoga after 5yrs of practicing yoga and has a background in dance as a performer and fitness instructor. His general love for the body and its health has led him to go deeper into yoga, in order to protect his joints, increase flexibility and strengthen his spine while lower stress. Noel’s classes focuses on mindfulness, listening to your individual body, at the same time balancing external strength and using the pranayama breathe control as a guiding flow.

Claudia Debs

Claudia has been a student of Yoga since her first class at Jivamukti in 1997. There was an instant connection to the graceful command and potential of the human body that practice enables. Blessed by teachers who made it clear that this potential could not be realized with discipline, she began teaching in 2002 in New York City and in Brooklyn. During the next 8 years she continued to study, teach and assist at trainings, and practice. In 2009 she designed a unique yoga studio in her native Brooklyn, founded upon the lineages that influenced her path. She is now teaching classes, trainings and retreats in NYC and internationally. She holds several certifications in yoga and energy work, and has created The Sacred Vessel teacher trainings. Her classes aim to bring the student to the deepest place of their heart and soul through the awareness and practice of the vast systems of Yoga and the energetic world.

Chantel Ellis

Chantel Ellis strongly believes that yoga is for everybody and every body. Her soulful classes blend creative sequencing and gentle moments; creating awareness in both the mind and body. She joyfully offers variations and modifications in each of her classes, integrating props and offering hands-on assists, allowing students of all levels to better experience the practice of yoga. She is forever grateful for the teachers that she has met along her path and through the Prema Yoga Brooklyn teacher training program; Amanda Harding, Lesley Desaulniers and especially Aaron Dias.

Tracy Balzano

In her teaching of Yoga, Tracy is focused on inclusivity. Regardless of experience, shape, age, level of fitness, perceived flexibility or lack thereof she will make the practice yours. Studying with her, you can expect an open flow practice with modifications for varying experience levels. She approaches her classes holistically, and includes opportunities for the physical practice, breath work and meditation.
The decision to become an instructor is not one that she approached lightly. The practice of Yoga is fraught with interpretation and differing styles. People come to the mat for their own personal reasons. Some come for fitness and nothing else, some for increased well being, some just to get out of the house. For the modern instructor taking all this information and personalizing it comes with responsibility to this ancient practice. Regardless, all are welcome.
Tracy earned her 200 hour certification studying with Heidi Michel Fokine at The Giving Room in Southold New York. She has since earned an additional 50 hours studying with Rodney Yee and Coleen Saidman Yee at Yoga Shanti New York. She approaches every class as an opportunity to learn something new and looks forward to continuing her Yoga education as an instructor and a student.

Marina Scukina

Marina/Nam Vedya Kaur, originally from Latvia, first encountered Kundalini yoga in 2014 shortly after moving to New York from London. The practice was nothing like she ever experienced in any other yoga class and it changed her perspective on life almost instantly. In 2017 Marina/Nam Vedya Kaur completed Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certification and has since shared her passion for the discipline and the power of the teachings at various healing gatherings, retreats and yoga studios in New York and Maryland. She teaches weekly Wednesday night classes and themed classes every third Sunday evening at OmmVibe Bushwick location. 

Ibrahim Auguste 

Earthy, Mellow, Eccentric. A few words that others have described me by. “Go to the source” has been my philosophy recently. I started my yoga practice in 2012. When I made the conscious decision to commit to this path, I traveled to India. I studied at Rishikul Yogshala, where I received my 200 hr TTC. 200 hrs is just the beginning of my path & learning. As a new teacher I am not intimidated by teaching, it feels natural. I constantly balance & follow the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga in my daily life. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dharana,Dhyana, & Samadhi.

I am open to learing & teaching from all that I meet. My teaching style is a bit slower than most teachers, focusing on pranayama, proper alignment & proper body control. Strength, Stability, then flexibility. Asanas are only a preparation to Samadhi, Yoga is the Union of individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a pratice.

Domenic Longbardi

I began practicing yoga when I was 19 while I was in school. My attraction to the practice was initially to attain strength and better physical health, but quickly learned that its benefits were much greater. Throughout my personal practice I have experienced various lineages for yoga, which has allowed me to focus on myself and my health on a deeper level. Eventually, I earned my 200 hr teaching certification from Yoga to the People in 2016, focusing on power vinyasa flow. I teach open level classes that allow students to move their bodies with conscious breath in order to bring awareness, build strength, and calm the mind.