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Inversion Workshop: 3 part series

Saturdays 2-4pm in Dyker Heights

• January 13th :: Learning the Fundamentals

A beginner friendly introduction to the basics of inverting.

• February 24th:: Building Blocks

Piecing together the basics for beginning the arm balances.

• Monday, February 26th :: The Upside Down

Flip the script and invert (exploring handstand, forearm balance, headstand, shoulderstand).

*You do not need to have an inversion practice to attend these workshops. You will learn how to take steps to approach inversions safely without the pressure of physical achievement.

*Must pre-pay and register online

Cost: $40 pre paid.

$50 day of workshop.

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3 Part Workshop:

Beginners Series

Saturday, March 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st in Dyker Heights

New to yoga or looking to strengthen your foundation? Join Suzanne in this beginner’s series. It will introduce students to the philosophy and benefits of a yoga practice.

The sessions include:

• Pranayama – learning to work with the breath in meditation and asana practice

• Learning basic yoga poses including sun salutation to develop flexibility and strength

• Becoming attuned and responding to your body’s needs

• Experiencing the benefits of savasana or relaxation

Cost: $75

Boot Camp Yoga

 Sunday, February 4th & 25th from 3-4:30pm in Dyker Heights

Sunday, February 4th & 25th  from 6-7:30pm in Bushwick

This class will integrate cardio, strength training, core work with vinyasa yoga, and promise to burn up to double the calories than doing yoga alone. The element of yoga will provide flexibility work and we will end class with a restful meditation.

Cost: Pre- register- $25 single class, $45 for both classes

Pay at the door- $30

Monthly Kundalini Special Class

Sunday, January 21st at 6pm in Bushwick

Join Marina for a special Kundalini yoga class every 3rd Sunday of the month! Kundalini Yoga is yoga of awareness. Its purpose is to strengthen your nervous system and offer you technology that will allow you to evolve into a self-sensory human. It’s like an owner’s manual for human consciousness and provides you with tools to grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. Come expand your mental capacity to experience the Infinite Self and learn useful techniques for self-care! All flexibility levels welcome! White comfortable clothing and head covers are encouraged. Some yogi tea and vegan snacks will be served.

Reiki Share

Sunday, January 13th at 3pm in Bushwick

Are you a Reiki practitioner looking to practice and hone your skills and receive Reiki? Or are you not sure what Reiki healing is about but curious to find out? This event is for both of you and for everyone in between.Join Eeva every 2nd Sunday of the month for reiki share. Reiki share is an unique opportunity to experience the benefits of giving and receiving Reiki in a friendly and casual group setting. Group energies are often very strong and can be more penetrating than individual sessions. This type of Reiki treatment is a wonderful and often profound experience! Light refreshments will be available.

Cost: Suggested donation $10

Women’s Circle w/ Erica

2/23 at 7pm in Dyker Heights